Make Google Chrome more secure with Windows Defender Browser Protection.

Applies to:

Google Chrome

For those of us that use Microsoft Edge browser, we get the benefit of ‘additional security’. Such as the virtualized container (sand-boxing) when using Microsoft Windows Defender Application Guard (WDAG) with Microsoft Edge browser.

In order to help end-users that are using Google Chrome with an additional layer of security, our Microsoft Windows Defender team created a new plugin to prevent Phishing attacks.

Blocking Phishing attacks (socially engineered malware) using Microsoft Edge browser. The following is how the different browsers have scored based on a 3rd party test:

Do you want to make your Google Chrome browser more secure? Add Windows Defender Browser Protection to Google Chrome browser.

How to deploy it to your Enterprise environment?

Add Windows Defender Browser Protection to Chrome with Intune



P.S. More information:

What else can I do to make Google Chrome and/or Mozilla Firefox more secure?

You could extend “Windows Defender Smartscreen” to these two 3rd party browsers using “Windows Defender Exploit Guard – Network Protection”, to learn more about it:

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