Security in SQL Server 2005 and beyond

SQL Server 2005 has various new security features, a big improvement over the features in SQL Server 2000. The new release boasts of an enhanced authorization model, a huge set of data encryption capabilities, code signing and a much improved (no more set

SQL Server 2005 Encryption – Encryption and data length limitations

SQL Server 2005 encryption solution has some limitations and one of them that has raised a few...

Author: yukondoit Date: 11/23/2005

The beginning - Securing Data

I have always wanted to have a blog, and I have always had a lot to blog about, but looking at other...

Author: yukondoit Date: 10/13/2005

How Secure Is Your Data?

End users want their data to be secure and for that SQL Server 2005 has various protection levels to...

Author: yukondoit Date: 10/13/2005