Team Foundation Server and GIT Integration with Git-tf








On August 13, 2012, Brian Harry announced our new Team Foundation Server integration with Git.  You can find his post here:


Why did we do it?  Well, Brian himself says it best in his post:

“Distributed Version Control (DVCS) has a growing following. It enables a set of workflows that can be very handy and Git is an increasingly popular DVCS solution. Today, we are announcing Git-tf, a solution that enables you to work locally with a Git repo – edit, commit, revert, branch, merge, etc. and then “sync up” with a central TFS repository. In this way, you can have the best of both DVCS and TFS.”



Git-tf Project

This new effort is an open source one called Git-tf and you can find the project here:


The best part is you can run Git-tf on Linux, MacOS, or Windows


Here is a screenshot from the CodePlex site showing usage examples:



If you just want to download the bits and the getting started guide you can go here:



Learning More

You should also check out this video that shows how the new features work:



If you find yourself having issues you can always check out StackOverflow for any Git-tf tagged items:

(Note: at the time of this writing there was only one entry in there so far)