Windows Azure Solution Cookbook


I started working with Azure almost five years ago and have been very happy to see it evolve and mature.  If you are working with Azure or just learning how to use this offering then you need to start with Clint Edmonson’s “Windows Azure Solution Cookbook” found here:


Here is what this is all about in Clint’s own words:

“[…] it’s hard for architects and developers to get a big picture of the Azure platform and how all the features can be used together to build solutions. Microsoft is shipping new services on a quarterly basis and each new service is designed to solve a particular need our customers are asking for. We need a way to see these services holistically as a set of building blocks or ingredients to use in our solutions. […] In this series going to offer up some architectural recipes to help visualize solutions to the common scenarios we’ve identified since Azure’s launch.”


Don’t let the “architecture” word fool you.  This is an exceptional view into how you can leverage Azure.  For example, here is the overview pic that he provides for working with mobile:


Clint goes into clear, precise explanations about how you can achieve these goals.  Make sure you take advantage of this most excellent look into using our latest and greatest Azure features.