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Business Apps: What You Need To Know About Using Office As A Development Platform

Andrew Whitechapel and John Peltonen

Gathering MOSS: New Dev-Centric Features In Office SharePoint Server Keep Your Apps Rolling

Microsoft Office SharePoint Server (MOSS) 2007 provides great portal and search features and much more, and Ted Pattison puts them to good use here. Ted Pattison

Add-In Power: Let Users Customize Your Apps With Visual Studio Tools For Applications

If you're looking to increase the usefulness of your applications by making them customizable, you'll want to read about these three technologies available from Microsoft. Paul Stubbs

InfoPath 2007: Designing Form Templates With The New Features Of InfoPath

InfoPath 2007 is an XML forms designer and editor, and a fully featured and integrated member of the Office family. This article takes a sneak peek at some of its new features. Scott Roberts and Hagen Green

Use The Source, Luke: Source Server Helps You Kill Bugs Dead In Visual Studio 2005

The latest releases of WinDBG and Visual Studio know exactly how to use source server, so its benefits are available to both .NET and native C++ developers. See why this is so important in tracking down bugs. John Robbins

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Editor's Note: The Office-Driven Life
Josh Trupin introduces this month's issue.Joshua Trupin
Toolbox: Synchronize Data, Review Runtime Errors, and More
This month we bring you products that let you synchronize data, correct runtime errors, and more.Scott Mitchell
Basic Instincts: Resources and Localization in ASP.NET 2.0
In this installment of Advanced Basics Ted Pattison discusses the localization of Web sites in ASP.NET 2.0.Ted Pattison
CLR Inside Out: CLR Hosting APIs
By using the CLR 2.0 hosting APIs, developers of native hosts can execute managed code in-process with complete knowledge and control over how the CLR behavior can affect their application.Alessandro Catorcini and Piotr Puszkiewicz
Cutting Edge: All About Enums
Dino Esposito reviews the basics of enumeration types and their implementation in the Microsoft .NET Framework.Dino Esposito
Design Patterns: Model View Presenter
The MVP pattern helps you separate your logic and keep your UI layer free of clutter. This month learn how.Jean-Paul Boodhoo
Service Station: Serialization in Windows Communication Foundation
Windows Communication Foundation supports several serialization mechanisms and provides a simple, interoperable foundation for future service-oriented applications. Here Aaron Skonnard explains it all.Aaron Skonnard
Security Briefs: Security in Windows Communication Foundation
Windows Communication Foundation provides three major protections— confidentiality, integrity, and authentication. This month Keith Brown explains what they can do for you.Keith Brown
Netting C++: Resource Cleanup
Last time Stan Lippman did not consider the visibility of types and nondeterministic finalization in writing his TQL wrapper code. This month he rewrites the code.Stanley B. Lippman
C++ at Work: Addin a Combobox Cancel Feature
This month Paul DiLascia codes some Microsoft Office-style dialog box features.Paul DiLascia
{End Bracket}: Deliver Beautiful Apps
Kevin Moore ruminates on the future of UI design in Windows Vista.Kevin Moore