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Wrap It Up: Call Into The .NET Framework From Existing Visual Basic 6.0 Apps

Scott Swigart

x64 Primer: Everything You Need To Know To Start Programming 64-Bit Windows Systems

Matt Pietrek

Mix And Match: Integrate Windows Forms Into Your MFC Applications Through C++ Interop

Marcus Heege

Bug Bash: Let The CLR Find Bugs For You With Managed Debugging Assistants

Managed Debugging Assistants are new to the .NET Framework 2.0 and help you to discover serious bugs quickly. Learn how to harness their power. Stephen Toub

Analyze This: Find New Meaning In Your Ink With Tablet PC APIs In Windows Vista

Markus Egger

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Editor's Note:
We know what you're thinking. Visual Studio 2005 has been out for a few months now. You're getting your head around it, discovering its vast inner beauty. But still, there's a nagging voice inside your head taunting you, asking why you're content to work with a released product.
Toolbox: Database job scheduling, Browser Analysis, and More
From a developer’s perspective, once a database’s schema has been defined and the tables, stored procedures, and other database objects have been created, it can be forgotten, abstracted away into the data access layer of the application’s architecture. Scott Mitchell
Basic Instincts: Resources and Localization
There are two ways you can utilize resources such as strings, images, and text-based files from your Microsoft® . NET Framework-based application. You can embed them directly in the app or you can load them from an external file. Ted Pattison
CLR Inside Out: The Performance Benefits of NGen.
T ypically, methods in managed executables are just-in-time (JIT) compiled. The machine code generated by the JIT compiler is thrown away once the process running that executable exits; therefore, the method must be recompiled when the application is run again. Surupa Biswas
Data Points: SQL Server 2005 XML Support, Exception Handling, and More
SQL Server 2005 includes several important improvements to the Transact-SQL (T-SQL) language. One added feature is a new kind of trigger that fires when data definition language (DDL) statements run. John Papa
Cutting Edge: Extending the GridView Control
Welcome to my100th consecutive installment of Cutting Edge. I've been writing this column since January 1998 in Microsoft Internet Developer. Looking back over the past eight years, I realize that I've touched on almost every subject in the Windows® SDK and the Microsoft® . Dino Esposito
Test Run: Stress Testing.
Stress testing is a fundamental quality assurance activity that should be part of every significant software testing effort. The key idea behind stress testing is simple: instead of running manual or automated tests under normal conditions, you run your tests under conditions of reduced machine or system resources. Dr. James McCaffrey
Extreme ASP.NET: Keeping secrets in ASP.NET 2.0.
Storing data securely in a configuration system is not an easy problem to solve. While I was on the ASP. NET team, this particular feature, secure connection string storage, looked as if it wouldn’t get done. Rob Howard
Security Briefs: Step-by-Step Guide to InfoCard
In my April 2006 column I began a discussion of InfoCard, the upcoming identity metasystem, which is being prepared for release in the Windows Vista™ timeframe. If you haven’t read that column, you should definitely start there because I’m going to assume you’re familiar with the basics I covered. Keith Brown
C++ at Work: Web Version Checking, Adding Sound to an App
This month: CWebVersion revisited using HTTP instead of FTP, and adding sounds to an MFC-based app.Paul DiLascia
{End Bracket}: The Pay as You Go Model
How would you feel if you were having your dream house built, but when you inspected the house you found some fairly obvious flaws in the work—cracks in the foundation, support beams missing, crooked and leaning walls. Eric N. Bush