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WCF Essentials: What You Need To Know About One-Way Calls, Callbacks, And Events

Object and component-oriented programming have only one way for clients to call a method, but Windows® Communication Foundation introduces two more. In this article Juval Lowy explains how they work. Juval Lowy

Peer To Peer: Harness The Power Of P2P Communication In Windows Vista And WCF

P2P applications face a number of barriers preventing their wide adoption as a productivity solution. Fortunately Windows Vista improves the situation, as you’ll learn here. Justin Smith

App Fundamentals: Build A Great User Experience With Windows Presentation Foundation

The Windows Presentation Foundation application model distinguishes between standalone and browser applications and between menu driven and hyperlink driven navigation, resulting in a more satisfying experience for your users. Michael Weinhardt

Web Service Workflows: Deploy Distributed Business Processes With Windows Workflow And Web Services

Due to the distributed nature of a business process it makes sense for a workflow to be deployed as a distributed application. See how Windows Workflow and Web Services hold the key. Israel Hilerio

SQL Server 2005: Jazz Up Your Data Using Custom Report Items In SQL Server Reporting Services

Custom report items in SQL Server 2005 Reporting Services address your needs for custom reports without the pain of doing it from scratch. Teo Lachev

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Editor's Note: Some Things Are Easier Said Than Done
Executive Editor Josh Trupin gets himself in trouble with live electrical current and a penchant for twiddling.Joshua Trupin
Toolbox: Protecting Code, Persisting Data, and More
This month obfuscating your code, persisting your data, and a good read on SQL Server 2005.Scott Mitchell
CLR Inside Out: IronPython
IronPython, the CLR implementation of the dynamic programming language Python is introduced this month.James Schementi
Inside MSDN: Consuming MSDN Web Services
Get the inside track on how the MSDN team uses Web Services to power MSDN2.Craig Andera
Test Run: Competitive Analysis Using MAGIQ.
The goal of competitive analysis is to compare the overall quality of your software against similar systems. But it’s not easy. Here James McCaffrey accomplishes the goal with the help of a little MAGIQ.Dr. James McCaffrey and Nasa Koski
Cutting Edge: Simplify Task Progress with ASP.NET "Atlas"
Dino Esposito rewrites his task progress bar with the help of ASP.NET “Atlas.”Dino Esposito
Extreme ASP.NET: Control Adapters
Control adapters let you provide alternate renderings of controls for mobile devices. But they can also be used to completely change the rendering of a con¬trol based on browser type, which can be useful in a number of situations. Fritz Onion
Security Briefs: CardSpace, SqlMembershipProvider, and More
This month Keith Brown fields some reader questions on InfoCard turned CardSpace and passwords for SqlMembershipProvider.Keith Brown
Wicked Code: Running ASMX Web Services on STA Threads
Jeff Prosise describes performance problems in an ASMX Web service that relied on legacy COM and Visual Basic 6.0 to perform key processing tasks and the approach he took to find a fix.Jeff Prosise
C++ at Work: IRegistrar, Finding Submenus, and More
This month DLL problems, context menus, MFC strings to managed C++, and more.Paul DiLascia
{End Bracket}: Is Programming an Art?
This month Stanley B. Lippman asks the question: Is programming an art? Find out what he concludes after some serious contemplation.Stanley B. Lippman