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Data 2.0: Expose And Consume Data in A Web Services World

The goal of the ADO.NET Data Services Framework is to create a simple REST-based framework for exposing and consuming data-centric services easily. Elisa Flasko and Mike Flasko

BizTalk EDI: Build a Robust EDI Solution with BizTalk Server

We introduce you to the EDI functionality within BizTalk Server 2006 R2, illustrating schema creation, document mapping, EDI delivery and transmission, and exception handling. Mark Beckner

Silverlight: Create Animations with XAML and Expression Blend

In this excerpt from his upcoming book, Laurence Moroney explains the basics of Silverlight animation and the animation tools available in Expression Blend. Lawrence Moroney

Write On!: Create Web Apps You Can Draw On with Silverlight 2

We build a Silverlight 2.0 application using the InkPresenter to let users annotate a pre-defined collection of images, perform handwriting recognition, and save the annotations and recognized text into a server-side database. Julia Lerman

Wicked Code: Craft Custom Controls for Silverlight 2

If you're unfamiliar with Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF), building that first Silverlight custom control can be a daunting experience. This article walks through the process. Jeff Prosise

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Editor's Note: More than Pretty Pictures

Complete freedom in creating the user experience can be a double-edged sword, but a little bit of artistry can transform an application's usability.Howard Dierking

Toolbox: Serializing objects, Scott Allen’s blog, Site Performance, and more

Serialize and Deserialize Fixed Length and Delimited Files, Scott Allen's blog, inspecting Web Pages, and more.Scott Mitchell

CLR Inside Out: Program Silverlight with the CoreCLR

The CoreCLR provides the perfect set of CLR classes and functionality for the Web.Andrew Pardoe

Basic Instincts: Increase LINQ Query Performance

Jared Parsons demonstrates a technique to achieve maximum performance from LINQ queries on large sets of data in order to create a responsive user interface.Jared Parsons

Cutting Edge: Programming AJAX with ASP.NET Partial Rendering

Dino Esposito compares the use of AJAX patterns and DOM manipulations to the use of the ASP.NET partial rendering engine.Dino Esposito

Patterns in Practice: Object Role Stereotypes

Object role stereotypes can help you better understand and clarify the responsibilities of the objects in your application.Jeremy Miller

Team System: Essential Power Tools.

Brian Randell introduces you to some crucial Power Tools for getting the most out of Team System.Brian Randell

Foundations: Workflow Tips and Tricks

Matt Milner addresses reader requests for information about safely sharing a persistence database across applications and using lesser-known parts of the framework such as ChannelManagerService.Matt Milner

Windows with C++: Asynchronous WinHTTP.

This month's column explains how to use Windows HTTP Services, or WinHTTP, the new, powerful API for implementing HTTP clients.Kenny Kerr

Concurrent Affairs: More AsyncEnumerator Features

Jeffrey Richter shows you some additional cool features of his AsyncEnumerator class.Jeffrey Richter

Going Places: What Can a Robot Teach You?

Learn about mobile device programming through WiMo, a Windows Mobile-powered robot.Mike Calligaro

{ End Bracket }: U.S. Imagine Cup

With the annual Imagine Cup student competition, competitors were asked to imagine a world where technology enables a sustainable environment, just as Microsoft is doing in its own business practices.Mitch Irsfeld