July 2009


Silverlight:Composite Web Apps With Prism

This article reviews the Prism project developed by the Microsoft patterns & practices group and demonstrates how to apply it to composite Web applications using Silverlight. Shawn Wildermuth


This article describes how to use XHTML and ASP.NET MVC to implement REST services. Aaron Skonnard

Scale Out:Distributed Caching On The Path To Scalability

Developers frequently face issues related to scalability bottlenecks when they have applications that need to handle a lot of load. This article describes the role of a distributed cache in building scalable applications. Iqbal Khan

Inside Windows 7:Introducing The Taskbar APIs

This is Part 2 of a multipart article series on Windows 7. The focus of Part 2 is the Windows 7 taskbar. Yochay Kiriaty & Sasha Goldshtein

Testable MVC:Building Testable ASP.NET MVC Applications

Justin Etheredge

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Editor's Note:Viva la Evolution!

It's interesting to see how far the pendulum has swung in terms of the fundamental problems related to content and the Web. Not too long ago, the major challenge was making content available.Howard Dierking

Toolbox:Static Analysis Database Tools, Managing Remote Computers, And More

If you want to apply static analysis to your databases, connect to remote computers, find out more about the Entity Framework, or just check into some cool podcasts for your daily commute, then you'll want to read more about these latest tools and resources.Scott Mitchell

Usability in Practice:Usability Testing

This month's column describes the benefits and methodologies of usability testing.Dr. Charles B. Kreitzberg and Ambrose Little

CLR Inside Out:Building Tuple

In this column, the author lays out some guiding principles that you should follow when working with the ASP.NET MVC framework.Matt Ellis

Basic Instincts:Stay Error Free With Error Corrections

Error corrections are an essential part of the Visual Basic coding experience. This article explores the many error correction features offered by Visual Basic and provides a glimpse at the future release of Visual Studio 2010.Dustin Campbell

Cutting Edge:Comparing Web Forms And ASP.NET MVC

In this month's column, we’ll explore the pros and cons of both ASP.NET Web Forms and ASP.NET MVC.Dino Esposito

Test Run:Request-Response Testing With F#

This month we show you how to use F# to perform HTTP request-response testing for ASP.NET Web applications.James McCaffrey

Service Station:More On REST

This month's column answers frequently asked questions about implementing REST.Jon Flanders

Extreme ASP.NET:Guiding Principles For Your ASP.NET MVC Applications

In this column, the author lays out some guiding principles that you should follow when working with the ASP.NET MVC framework.Scott Allen

Wicked Code:Taking Silverlight Deep Zoom To The Next Level

With the help of Silverlight Deep Zoom and a remarkable control named MultiScaleImage, you can create scenes with many levels of zoom. Jeff Prosise illustrates with what else but the Mandlebrot set.Jeff Prosise

Foundations:Securing The .NET Service Bus

This column shows you how to secure the .NET Services Bus and also provides some helper classes and utilities to automate many of the details.Juval Lowy