April 2010

MSDN Magazine April 2010  

Visual Studio: Entity Framework 4.0 and WCF Data Services 4.0 in Visual Studio 2010
Elisa Flasko takes you through a sample weblog application to demonstrate how new improvements in Entity Framework and WCF Data Services work together to simplify the way data is modeled, consumed and produced in Visual Studio 2010.
Elisa Flasko

Better Coding: Better Coding with Visual Studio 2010
From functional IDE improvements to better support for parallel programming, Visual Studio 2010 comes with a host of new features to help meet the needs of today’s demanding, ever-changing development environment. Doug Turnure provides an overview of the more important ones and practical advice on how to use them.
Doug Turnure

Microsoft Azure: Developing and Deploying Azure Apps In Visual Studio 2010
You’ll find direct support for building Azure applications in Visual Studio 2010 and Visual Web Developer 2010 Express. We’ll walk you through using Visual Studio 2010 for the entirety of the Azure application development lifecycle.
Jim Nakashima

Visual Basic: What’s New in Visual Basic 2010
Learn about what’s new in Visual Basic 10 straight from a program manager on Microsoft’s Visual Basic team. Jonathan Aneja demonstrates time-saving features that help developers get more done with fewer lines of code.
Jonathan Aneja

Visual C++: Exploring New C++ and MFC Features in Visual Studio 2010
Visual Studio 2010 offers huge benefits for C++ developers, from new C++0x features to MSBuild integration to a revived MFC Application Wizard. Join us for a tour of these new Visual C++ features.
Sumit Kumar

F# Basics: An Introduction to Functional Programming for .NET Developers
F# has clean syntax, powerful multi-threading capabilities, and fluid interoperability with other Microsoft .NET Framework languages. We’ll give you an introduction to functional programming concepts and how they're implemented in F#.
Chris Marinos

IntelliTrace: Debugging Applications with IntelliTrace
Justin Marks shows how to use the IntelliTrace feature coming with Visual Studio 2010 Ultimate, which gives developers powerful new debugging tools to "turn up the dial" and collect the complete execution history of an application, get deeper levels of information and quickly find bugs.
Justin Marks


Editor's Note:
Scott Guthrie on Visual Studio 2010

The man most responsible for Visual Studio 2010 discusses what developers have to look forward to.
Keith Ward

Don't Get Me Started:
In Praise of Dumbing Down

Making things easier for the end user isn't "dumbing down" -- it's smart design.
David Platt

Usability in Practice:
The Decade of Convergence

As devices converge, user experience design needs to change, too.
Dr. Charles Kreitzberg

UI Frontiers:
Projection Transforms Sans Math

See how to taper text, flip panels, animate a calendar and more--without resorting to complicated math--as Charles Petzold delves into new “pseudo 3D” capabilitie in Silverlight 3, made possible by the new Projection UIElement property.
Charles Petzold

Cutting Edge:
Revisiting Asynchronous ASP.NET Pages

If you need to scale up an existing Web application, you should first look to asynchronous operations, says Dino Esposito. He explains how new features coming in ASP.NET MVC 2 make this easier.
Dino Esposito