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December 2010


Windows Phone 7 Development: Sudoku for Windows Phone 7
Get started with Windows Phone 7 development with this Silverlight-based game tutorial that demonstrates key concepts such as the Model-View-ViewModel design pattern, serialization, user storage and multiple orientations.
Adam Miller

Windows Phone 7 Apps: Build Data-Driven Apps with Microsoft Azure and Windows Phone 7
The performance of data-driven Windows Phone 7 apps relies on both good UI coding practices and snappy access to data. We’ll cover some important design considerations for using Azure effectively with Windows Phone apps.
Danilo Diaz


Microsoft Azure:  Re-Introducing the Microsoft Azure Access Control Service
See how to easily authenticate and authorize users from the likes of Windows Live ID, Facebook, Yahoo and Google within your Web sites and services.
Wade Wegner

BDD Primer: Behavior-Driven Development with SpecFlow and WatiN
Behavior-Driven Development techniques let you test and code in the language of your business scenario. We’ll explain how the BDD cycle wraps traditional Test-Driven Development techniques and walk you through an example BDD development cycle for an ASP.NET application.
Brandon Satrom

.NET Performance: Performance Diagnostics of .NET Applications Using ETW
Event Tracing for Windows (ETW) is a powerful logging technology that's leveraged in the .NET Framework 4 CLR to make profiling your managed application simpler than ever. ETW collects system-wide data and profiles all resources (CPU, disk, network and memory) making it very useful for obtaining a holistic view.
Subramanian Ramaswamy


Editor's Note:
Windows Phone 7 App-roval

One developer’s journey through the Windows Phone 7 application approval process -- and why screenshots need special attention.
Keith Ward

Don't Get Me Started:
The Secret to a Successful Windows Phone 7 App

Want to build a Windows Phone 7 app that sells? Forget cool; remember useful.
David Platt

The Working Programmer:
Multiparadigmatic .NET, Part 4: Object Orientation

Object-oriented developers may be too comfortable modeling commonality and variability with inheritance. As Ted Neward points out, that can lead to problems for the unwary.
Ted Neward

UI Frontiers:
Silverlight, Windows Phone 7 and the Multi-Touch Thumb

The versatile, touch-enabled Thumb control is supported by Silverlight on both the Web and Windows Phone 7. We'll show you how to create a shared-code project for both platforms that uses Thumb for both mouse and multi-touch input.
Charles Petzold

Cutting Edge:
Aspect-Oriented Programming, Interception and Unity 2.0

Learn about the aspect-oriented programming paradigm and the related capabilities you find in Unity 2.0 as Dino Esposito explores how to deal with cross-cutting concerns in your code.
Dino Esposito

Data Points:
Profiling Database Activity in the Entity Framework

It’s important to profile your database queries to see what happens in response to Entity Framework queries and other data access activities, says Julie Lerman, who gives you the details on several profiling options to improve you coding.
Julie Lerman

Security Briefs:
Improve ASP.NET Security with Visual Studio Code Analysis

Visual Studio code analysis and FxCop enable you to check your code automatically for design, performance and security issues. Now you can check your ASP.NET apps, too. We’ll show you how.
Sacha Faust

Forecast: Cloudy:
Pushing Content from SharePoint to Microsoft Azure Storage

We walk through a sample implementation that lets users selectively push content from SharePoint to Azure Storage, providing links to the new locations and taking into account access control to the files.
Joseph Fultz

Test Run:
Web Application UI Testing with jQuery

Although jQuery was created with Web development in mind, it has several characteristics that make it well-suited for lightweight Web UI test automation. We’ll show you how to build a simple jQuery-based test harness.
James McCaffrey

< Microsoft Azure Development Resources
Microsoft Azure is Microsoft’s stack of cloud computing resources. Here’s a collection of tools and information that will get you writing apps for Azure today.
Terrence Dorsey