January 2011

Volume 26 Number 01

January 2011 Code Downloads

Parallel Computing - Data Processing: Parallelism and Performance

How can you use parallel coding techniques to squeeze the utmost performance out of multi-core systems when processing data? There are many different approaches, but we show you the absolute best.

Silverlight Exposed - Using MEF to Expose Interfaces in Your Silverlight MVVM Apps

Managed Extensibility Framework (MEF) lets you expose interfaces and classes in your Silverlight apps without having to expose the real implementation. We'll show you how it works.
VB version

UI Frontiers - A Color Scroll for XNA

Charles this month serves up an introduction to XNA programming for Windows Presentation Foundation and Silverlight coders as he shows you how to build a color scroll control for Windows Phone 7.

Visual Studio - Use Multiple Visual Studio Project Types for Cloud Success

Patrick Foley explains how he took advantage of the strengths of several different Visual Studio project types to solve a real-world problem with a cloud-based, data-centric Web site.
VB version

Workflow Services - Scalable, Long-Running Workflows with Windows Server AppFabric

Windows Server AppFabric provides tools that make it easy to deploy, configure and run highly scalable web applications. We’ll show you how to use AppFabric to build highly scalable, long-running workflows with built-in persistence.
VB version