March 2011

SharePoint Online: Cloud-Based Collaboration with SharePoint Online

SharePoint Online: Cloud-Based Collaboration with SharePoint Online
Learn how SharePoint Online development is similar to and different from SharePoint 2010 development by following along with Chris Mayo as he builds solutions that run in the cloud.
Chris Mayo

BizTalk EDI Solutions : Processing Health Care Claims with BizTalk Server 2010

BizTalk EDI Solutions : Processing Health Care Claims with BizTalk Server 2010
BizTalk Server 2010 introduces a variety of new functionality for developing and configuring EDI solutions. This article walks through each of the key stages to BizTalk EDI development and introduces a number of techniques to aid the developer.
Mark Beckner

Writing a Debugging Tools for Windows Extension

Debugger APIs:  Writing a Debugging Tools for Windows Extension
Learning how to debug is a crucial developer skill. Fortunately, Visual Studio provides great tools for helping you debug your code. We'll cover the basics of building a custom debugger extension so you can analyze dump files (and also live systems) with ease.
Andrew Richards

Building Data-Centric Web Apps with ASP.NET MVC and Ext JS

RIA Frameworks: Building Data-Centric Web Apps with ASP.NET MVC and Ext JS
When migrating data from other sources into a single database used by your app, you'll probably have to employ some matching and de-duplication processes to end up with a useful data store. We'll show you four different matching algorithms and the F# code to implement them.
Juan Carlos

Building and Using Custom OutputCache Providers in ASP.NET

Cache Integration: Building and Using Custom OutputCache Providers in ASP.NET
With the .NET Framework 4.0, you can now boost performance by replacing the default ASP.NET output cache with your own implementation. We show you how to do this with the MongoDB "NoSQL" database in a simple ASP.NET MVC app and then we swap out the custom provider to leverage features of Azure.
Brandon Satrom

Tips and Tricks for Loading Silverlight Locale Resources

Silverlight Localization: Tips and Tricks for Loading Silverlight Locale Resources
Your customers deserve to enjoy your Silverlight app with locale-appropriate resources. We'll show you some tricks for creating, loading, and changing locales at run time.
Matthew Delisle


Editor's Note:
How to Get Rejected

A guide to not getting published in MSDN Magazine.
Keith Ward

Don't Get Me Started:
Missing the (Power) Point

It’s time to start licensing PowerPoint users until they learn the true point of the program.
David Platt

Test Run:
Diffusion Testing

The doctor prescribes a little-known technique that—under the right circumstances—lets you automatically generate new test case data from existing test cases that yield a pass result, saving time and work.
James McCaffrey

UI Frontiers:
Touch Gestures on Windows Phone

Charles this month takes a look at multi-touch APIs and delves into the workings of the new gesture support in the Silverlight for Windows Phone Toolkit.
Charles Petzold

Cutting Edge:
Application Extensibility: MEF vs. IoC

You can create extensible apps using the Managed Extensibility Framework (MEF), which is built right into the .NET Framework 4. We'll walk through an example to compare plug-in implementations using both MEF and Inversion of Control frameworks.
Dino Esposito

Forecast: Cloudy:
Cloud Services Mashup

Learn how to combine multiple cloud services into a single app, taking advantage of services offered by Windows Azure, Windows Azure Access Control, Bing Maps and Facebook.
Joseph Fultz

Data Integration Tools and Resources

Data integration is the cornerstone of many apps these days, which means you’ll need to add database expert to the many hats you wear. Or maybe not. We’ll show you some handy tools and resources for maximizing data access while minimizing muss and fuss.
Terrence Dorsey

Data Points:
Server-Side Paging with the Entity Framework and ASP.NET MVC 3

You don't always need to get huge amounts of data with your database queries. See how Julie Lerman uses new features of ASP.NET MVC 3 and Entity Framework to perform efficient server-side paging when you don't need to return those big data payloads.
Julie Lerman

Mobile Matters
Windows Phone Navigation: The Basics

In the first installment of our new monthly column focusing on Windows Phone 7 development, we present the basics of the page navigation model, best practices to get the most out of the current APIs and some actionable, easy-to-follow recipes to create complex navigations not implemented with those APIs.
Jaime Rodriguez

The Working Programmer:
Multiparadigmatic .NET, Part 6: Reflective Metaprogramming

Code generation can simplify many programming tasks, but harnessing reflection gives you an entirely new kind of variability. Now names can refer to elements within the program at a much later time than the compiler traditionally permits. We'll show you how it works.
Ted Neward