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MSDN Magazine November 2011 issue


This article walks you through creating an application that uses three of the big new Windows Phone 7.1 features: local databases, live tiles and Silverlight/XNA integration. The theme of the application is mangoes—with mango recipes, mango cocktails and a mango shooter game.
Andrew Whitechapel

Julie Lerman

Data Points:
What the Heck Are Document Databases?

Our resident database expert explores some of the major players in the NoSQL world and shares what she’s learned.
Julie Lerman


Building HTML5 Applications - Better Web Forms with HTML5 Forms

Building HTML5 Applications:   Better Web Forms with HTML5 Forms
Brandon Satrom shows you how to start using HTML5 forms in your applications today.
Brandon Satrom

LightSwitch and Windows Azure - Deploying LightSwitch Applications to Windows Azure

LightSwitch and Azure:   Deploying LightSwitch Applications to Microsfot Azure
In this article Mike Wade shows how to deploy an application built using Visual Studio LightSwitch to Azure, which eliminates the need to dedicate resources to infrastructure management.
Mike Wade

NuGet - Manage Project Libraries with NuGet

NuGet:   Manage Project Libraries with NuGet
NuGet is a package manager for developers that puts the best .NET libraries just a click away.
Phil Haack

Silverlight 3D - Developing 3D Objects in Silverlight

Silverlight 3D:   Developing 3D Objects in Silverlight
Learn to create 3D objects in three different ways; the key elements needed to display a 3D object on the screen; and how Silverlight 5 will allow you to go beyond what’s available today and create much richer 3D objects.
Rajesh Lal

NoSQL Document Database - Embedding RavenDB into an ASP.NET MVC 3 Application

NoSQL Document Database:   Embedding RavenDB into an ASP.NET MVC 3 Application
Justin Schwartzenberger demonstrates how exploring the NoSQL world is easy with RavenDB, a .NET/Windows-centric document data store solution that can run in an embedded mode within an ASP.NET MVC application.
Justin Schwartzenberger

SharePoint Security - Custom Claims-Based Security in SharePoint 2010

SharePoint Security:   Custom Claims-Based Security in SharePoint 2010
Learn about the new claims-based identity model in Microsoft SharePoint Server 2010 as you explore the process of building a custom claims provider in SharePoint, integrating it with FAST Search and managing claims-enabled content.
Ivory Feng

Online-only Features

HTML5 - Working with Media in HTML5

HTML5:   Working with Media in HTML5
Jason Beres demonstrates the media capabilities in HTML5 and how you can use them in your modern web applications.
Jason Beres

HTML5 - HTML5 Offline Applications: 'Donut Hole' Caching

HTML5:   HTML5 Offline Applications: 'Donut Hole' Caching
This tutorial demonstrates how to use the offline capabilities of HTML5 to cache a 'Contact Us' page that displays notifications of upcoming events to users.
Craig Shoemaker

HTML5 - 12 Cool HTML5 Geolocation Ideas

HTML5:   12 Cool HTML5 Geolocation Ideas
Here's a look at the Geolocation API and a quick dive into how to use it.
Danwei Tran

HTML5 - margin-bottom: 8px; border-bottom-color: #cccccc; border-bottom-width: 1px; border-bottom-style: solid;

HTML5:   Responsive Web Design
Deliver effective and compelling interfaces in the changing world of devices and browsers.
Katrien De


Test Run
Greedy Algorithms and Maximum Clique
Dr. McCaffrey this month presents a greedy algorithm as a solution to the graph maximum clique problem.
James McCaffery

UI Frontiers
Finishing the E-Book Reader
Charles Petzold finishes his Windows Phone 7 e-book reader.
Charles Petzold

Windows with C++
Thread Pool Synchronization
Kenny Kerr shows how to use wait objects.
Kenny Kerr

Don't Get Me Started
BUILD: Microsoft's Call to Arms
David Platt says the Microsoft BUILD Conference revealed something he has not seen for a long, long time: Real excitement around Microsoft's platform strategy.
David Platt

The Cutting Edge
Design of a Domain Model
Code First encourages the application of domain-driven design principles in the .NET space.
Dino Esposito

Editor's Note
A Game of Risk
Microsoft's Windows Runtime announced at the BUILD Conference in September aims to broaden the definition of the Windows developer.
Michael Desmond