March 2012

Volume 27 Number 03

March 2012 Code Downloads


ASP.NET MVC 3 - Develop Hybrid Native and Mobile Web Apps

Shane Church shows you how to build a mobile Web application with ASP.NET MVC 3 and take advantage of native mobile features such as the camera and accelerometer.
VB version

Building HTML5 Applications - Adding HTML5 Drag and Drop to SharePoint Lists

SharePoint doesn’t have any built-in HTML5 goodness, but don’t let that stop you. Andrey Markeev demonstrates how easy it is to add HTML5 drag-and-drop support to SharePoint—and why that’s just the beginning.
VB version

C++ - New Concurrency Features in Visual C++ 11

Explore the new Visual C++ technologies that allow applications to run independent or semi-independent activities in parallel and provide mechanisms for synchronizing the way these activities handle data to avoid race conditions.

Client Insight - Knockout's Built-in Bindings for HTML and JavaScript

John Papa continues his exploration of the Knockout JavaScript library by delving into a number of the built-in bindings it offers.
VB version

Coded UI - Test Automation Using Visual Studio 2010 Coded UI

Leverage the coded UI features of Visual Studio 2010 to enable a continuous, consistent and standard approach to automation for build, deploy and test.

Cutting Edge - Build a Progress Bar with SignalR

SignalR, a jQuery plug-in being developed by the ASP.NET MVC team, presents some extremely promising functionality currently missing from the Microsoft .NET Framework.
VB version

Touch and Go - Streaming Audio in Windows Phone

Charles Petzold looks into streaming audio on Windows Phone. This occurs through a class derived from MediaStreamSource, which feeds the audio data to the OS’s audio player on demand. Petzold shows how to stream audio in the background on Windows Phone OS 7.5.
VB version

Windows Azure AppFabric Service Bus - Create a Continuous Client Using Portable Class Libraries

David Kean shows how to build a simple continuous client application that spans multiple devices and platforms, using the new Portable Class Libraries and the Windows Azure AppFabric Service Bus.
VB version

Windows Phone - Windows Phone Data Binding

Jesse Liberty shows the strength of XAML programming as he discusses hands-on code for data binding against runtime data, design-time data and binding one control to another.
VB version