Volume 27

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Azure Insider - Windows 8 and Microsoft Azure: Convergence in the Cloud

The inaugural edition of our Azure Insider column describes how to build a simple cloud-hosted service to support asynchronous clients, then shows you how easy it is to call into a Web service from a Windows Store application to retrieve data.
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JavaScript - Data Binding in a Windows Store App with JavaScript

Learn how the JavaScript framework for building Windows Store apps and the underlying Windows Runtime allow you to build apps with client-side state, offline storage, controls, templates, binding and much more.

MVVM - Using the MVVM Pattern in Windows 8

The Model-View-ViewModel (MVVM) design pattern achieves a separation of logic and UX in Windows Store applications and also enables UX designers to create and test UIs without the existence of the underlying logic. Learn how to create an application using the MVVM design pattern in Visual Studio 12, using the MVVM Light Toolkit.
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Windows Runtime and C++ - Porting Desktop Applications to the Windows Runtime

Diego Dagum discusses how to port C++ desktop applications to the Windows Runtime Library, using a sample calculator application as a practical example.

Windows Runtime Components - Windows Runtime Components in a .NET World

Jeremy Likness walks you through the requirements needed to create a Windows Runtime Component in C#, how to reference and use it, and how it impacts other language selections when developing Windows Store applications.
VB version

XAML and C++ - Introducing C++/CX and XAML

Learn how to take advantage of a modern, XAML-based UI framework in C++ to build Windows Store apps.