August 2013

Volume 28 Number 8

August 2013 Code Downloads

.NET Web Services - Building Cross-Platform Web Services with ServiceStack

ServiceStack is an open source Mono Web service framework that's gaining popularity. Learn how it can enable .NET developers to deploy Web services in cross-platform scenarios.
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C++ - Bringing RESTful Services to C++ Developers

Learn how to use the C++ REST SDK to build a simple Windows-based client application that uploads a file to Dropbox, along with a standard C++ class that supports OAuth.

Data Points - Coding for Domain-Driven Design: Tips for Data-Focused Devs

Domain Driven Design can help handle complex behaviors when building software. But for data-driven devs, the change in perspective isn’t always easy. Julie Lerman shares some pointers that helped her get comfortable with DDD.
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DirectX Factor - Finger Painting with Direct2D Geometries

In a multi-touch environment like Windows 8, one kind of program every developer should know how to code is a finger painting app, which involves tracking individual fingers to draw lines on the screen. Charles Petzold explores how to do this using DirectX.

SQL Server - Unit and Integration Testing of SSIS Packages

Pavle Gudurić explains how to use his SSISTester library to perform unit and integration testing of SSIS packages to automate testing of SSIS projects and improve the quality of SSIS-based ETL processes.
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Test Run - Converting Numeric Data to Categorical Data

There are many scenarios where you need to discretize data—convert numeric data to categories—but few resources exist to tell you how. James McCaffrey presents a powerful discretization algorithm and discusses how and why you’d use it.
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WPF - Architecture for Hosting Third-Party .NET Plug-Ins

This article presents a general-purpose architecture for hosting third-party “untrusted” .NET applications, with a sample plugin demonstrating use of the Bloomberg API
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