December 2013

Volume 28 Number 12

December 2013 Code Downloads

Test Run - Radial Basis Function Network Training

Following on his previous column in which he explained the details of RBF networks, James McCaffrey now provides practical guidance on implementing RBF network training.
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Visual Studio 2013 - Cross-Browser, Coded UI Testing with Visual Studio 2013

Learn how new testing features in Visual Studio 2013 let you not only test your UI against all modern browsers, but also search for specific UI elements.

In the past few years web based applications become most wanted solutions in the IT market. New approach for modern web based solutions required modern techniques for testing it in fully automated way. Visual Studio 2013 meets market needs by offering end-to-end framework to make UI test automations in kind and understandable way.
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Windows Store Apps - Freedom of Information Act Data at Your Fingertips

Vishwas Lele walks through the building of a custom Windows Store app to help citizens work with data requested through the Freedom of Information Act.

Windows 8.1 - Rendering PDF Content in Windows Store Apps

Learn the new ways Windows 8.1 provides to render PDF documents in Windows Store apps, with options for using Windows Runtime or native APIs.

DirectX Factor - Character Outline Geometries Gone Wild

Manipulating character outlines lets you create weird and wonderful text effects. Charles Petzold shows you how to obtain character outline geometries in a Windows 8 application.
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