Government 2013

Volume 28 Number 10A

Goverment Special Issue 2013 Code Downloads

Geo-Data Visualization - Geo-Visualization of Government Data Sources

Learn how to leverage publicly available geo-tagged data sources using cloud-hosted utilities.
VB version

Test Run - Implementing the National Institute of Standards and Technology Tests of Randomness Using C#

James McCaffrey introduces you to the MNIST data set and image recognition, one of the most fascinating topics in the field of machine learning.
VB version

Windows 8.1 - Engage Governments and Communities with Open311

Windows Store apps provide a lot of tools with which you can extend Open311 into a platform for civic engagement, collaboration and social action.

Windows Phone - Enhance Citizen Services with Windows Phone 8 Wallet and NFC

City governments face tremendous challenges dealing with shrinking budgets while attempting to provide high-quality services to increasingly tech-savvy citizens. Learn how the digital wallet technology built into Windows Phone 8 can, in conjunction with Near Field Communication (NFC), enable compelling new scenarios for citizen services.
VB version