March 2013

Volume 28 Number 03

March 2013 Code Downloads

March 2013

Data Clustering - Data Clustering Using Naive Bayes Inference

James McCaffrey presents a clustering algorithm based on a technique called Naive Bayes inference, which works with either categorical or numeric data.

Data clustering is a machine learning technique that programmatically places data items into groups so that items in a group are similar and items in different groups are dissimilar. This article presents and explains how to perform data clustering using a technique called Naive Bayes inference.
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MVVM - Messenger and View Services in MVVM

This article, the second in a series about using the MVVM model in Windows 8, describes how the different layers of an application communicate, emphasizing communication between the ViewModel and the view using the MVVM Light Messenger event bus for status messages and a view service implementation for a dialog service.

PowerShell - Managing an Outlook Mailbox with PowerShell

Rules in Outlook are useful for automatically managing e-mail, but it can be difficult to get a single e-mail into multiple folders. Learn how to create a PowerShell script that automatically sends messages to the appropriate folder based on values you assign.

Azure Insider - Real-World Scenarios for Node.js in Windows Azure

We have shown you two real-world scenarios where node.js can be used for simple connectivity tasks, taking advantage of its single-threaded approach and modules created by the community.

Windows Store Apps: A Guide for WPF and Silverlight Developers, Part 2

In this article, Joel Fjordén shows WPF/Silverlight developers how they can implement the MVVM pattern in Windows Store apps without compromising on architecture.