May 2013

Volume 28 Number 05

May 2013 Code Downloads

May 2013

ASP.NET - Leverage Multiple Code Frameworks with One ASP.NET

Jeffrey Fritz demonstrates how you can use all four major ASP.NET code frameworks -- ASP.NET Web Forms, MVC and WebAPI, and SignalR -- together to create a cohesive solution.
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CLR - Shortest-Path Graph Analysis Using a CLR Stored Procedure

Graph analysis is becoming increasingly important in software applications, and this article shows how to perform shortest-path analysis with techniques that can also be used for many other data-access programming tasks.
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DirectX Factor - Exploring Filters in XAudio2

Charles Petzold explains how you can alter the harmonic composition of sound through the use of filters and he shows how to accomplish this using XAudio2 in Windows 8.

JSON - Parse JSON Strings in Windows Runtime Components

Some aspects of working with managed code in Windows Store apps may surprise traditional .NET developers. One way to support structured messaging between the JavaScript layer and managed code is to rely on JSON objects. This article shows how to read JSON objects and hydrate strongly typed objects with the incoming values.
VB Version

MVVM - Commands, RelayCommands and EventToCommand

This article covers an important component of Model-View-ViewModel applications: the ICommand interface. It describes how to use the EventToCommand behavior in Blend in Windows Phone apps and how to use an alternate version in Windows 8.

SDL - Using the SDL for a LOB Windows 8 App, Part 2

Part 2 of a two-part series, this article examines the design phase of the Secure Development Lifecycle (SDL) and describes its three critical components: developing an attack surface analysis and an attack surface reduction and performing a software architectural risk analysis, or threat model.

Test Run - Data Clustering Using Category Utility

James McCaffrey presents a powerful new clustering algorithm that is relatively simple to implement, has worked well in practice, can be applied to both numeric and categorical data, and scales well to huge data sets.
VB Version

Azure Insider - Geo-Protection for Video Blobs Using a Node.js Media Proxy

Windows Azure blobs are very useful for storing video assets, but sometimes different levels of access are required based on location or domain. This article shows you how to manage these requirements by creating a reverse proxy server in Windows Azure.

Windows Phone - Windows Phone Video Capture: A Best-of-Breed Approach

Learn how to maintain your Windows Phone 7.5 project while giving a richer experience to your Windows Phone 8 users. The techniques discussed here go beyond video capture to apply to any of the APIs reinvented for Windows Phone 8.
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