November 2013

Volume 28 Number 11

November 2013 Code Downloads

ASP.NET - Single-Page Applications: Build Modern, Responsive Web Apps with ASP.NET

Learn how to create modern HTML5 Web apps using ASP.NET Web API combined with open-source JavaScript frameworks.

DirectX Factor - Who’s Afraid of Glyph Runs?

If you’re writing a Windows Store app, you may want to use glyphs to display text. Charles Petzold explains the rationale behind using glyphs, as well as how to take advantage of DirectX to use them.

MVVM - Writing a Testable Presentation Layer with MVVM

Brent Edwards concludes his series on writing a testable presentation layer for Window 8 and Windows Phone 8 applications using the MVVM pattern with a look at how he approaches the actual testing process.
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