October 2013

Volume 28 Number 10

October 2013 Code Downloads

Data Points - Coding for Domain-Driven Design: Tips for Data-Focused Devs, Part 3

Julie Lerman explores two important technical patterns of Domain Driven Design (DDD) coding--unidirectional relationships and the importance of balancing tasks between an aggregate root and a repository--and how they apply to the Object Relational Mapper (ORM), Entity Framework.
VB Version

DirectX Factor - Text Formatting and Scrolling with DirectWrite

DirectX splits the subtle task of working with text into two major subsystems: Direct2D and DirectWrite. In this column Charles Petzold explores how DirectWrite is used to format and scroll text, and sets the stage for exploring more advanced text handling and effects.

Test Run - Radial Basis Function Networks for Programmers

Radial basis function (RBF) networks are software systems that have certain similarities to neural networks. This article will describe exactly what RBF networks are, explain how RBF networks compute their outputs, and present a complete RBF network input-output demo program.
VB Version

Windows Phone - Programming the Nokia Sketch Effect in Windows Phone 8

The Nokia Imaging SDK for Windows Phone 8 enables powerful photo effects in real time when taking pictures with Nokia Lumia smartphones. Author Srikar Doddi builds a Windows Phone 8 app that explores the new capabilities.