February 2014

Volume 29 Number 2

February 2014 Code Downloads

Async Programming - Intercepting Asynchronous Methods Using Unity Interception

Learn several strategies for intercepting asynchronous methods, demonstrated using an example that logs the completion of asynchronous operations.
VB version

Data Points - Data, Meet My New Friend, F#

Julie Lerman explores functional languages and finds that they’re really good at working with sets of data.
VB version

DirectX Factor - A 2D Portal into a 3D World

Did you know you can get your 3D feet wet in Direct2D so a later plunge into Direct3D programming won’t be quite so shocking? Charles Petzold shows you some 3D features in Direct 2d that let you get started.

WinJS on Windows 8.1 - Build More Efficient Windows Store Apps Using JavaScript: Performance

With Windows 8.1, Microsoft introduces to the WinJS library the scheduler and the predictable object lifetime model, allowing developers greater control over app performance. In this article, I describe some best practices for building an efficient app, using the WinJS APIs in both Windows 8.1 and Windows 8.