July 2014

Volume 29 Number 7

July 2014 Code Downloads

Azure Web Sites - Building a Node.js and MongoDB Web Service

Tejaswi Redkar shows you how to develop a RESTful Web service in Node.js that accesses a MongoDB database in the cloud, and how to deploy it to Azure Web Sites.

Azure Web Sites - Hybrid Connectivity: Connecting Azure Web Sites to LOB Apps Using PortBridge

Hybrid apps bring the power of the cloud to existing software services that run on-premises in your datacenter. This articles takes a deep look at connecting a Web site to a line-of-business application running on-premises and shows how to enable seamless connectivity.

Azure Web Sites - Scaling Your Web Application with Azure Web Sites

Yochay Kiriaty kicks off our July issue themed on Microsoft Azure Web Sites development, with an article that shows how to modify Web applications to handle millions of HTTP requests across both multiple instances and multiple regions.
VB version

Azure Web Sites - Teaching from the Cloud

Using Azure Web Sites, MVC 5, SignalR and Azure SQL, this article explores the creation of an e-learning application that provides course modules, lessons and basic user administration. The result is a Web site that allows an instructor to "push" content to the students' browsers, keeping all students in sync with the current lesson.
VB version

DirectX Factor - Breaking the Z Barrier with Direct2D Effects

Using custom effects you can get much closer to authentic 3D programming than otherwise possible with Direct2D, as Charles Petzold explains.

Test Run - Distorting the MNIST Image Data Set

James McCaffrey presents a demo program that generates deformed images in order to create additional training data for an image recognition system.
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