March 2014

Volume 29 Number 3

March 2014 Code Downloads

ASP.NET MVC 5 - A .NET Developer Primer for Single-Page Applications

Long Le shows how traditional ASP.NET MVC developers focused on the server side can seamlessly transition to building client-side single-page applications.

Async Programming - Asynchronous TCP Sockets as an Alternative to WCF

James McCaffrey explains how to use the new asynchronous features of the .NET 4.5 Framework to create low-level, high-performance asynchronous client-server software systems.
VB version

DirectX Factor - Triangles and Tessellation

Though triangles are far less integral to 2D graphics programming than to 3D, Charles Petzold explores some interesting effects created with tessellated triangles in two dimensions.

Windows 8.1 - Building a Netduino-Based HID Sensor for WinRT

Donn Morse builds a HID-based temperature sensor for the WinRT API that connects to a Windows 8.1 tablet or laptop, and creates an app that can take the sensor data and display the current temperature.
VB version

Windows Azure Insider - The Windows Azure Service Bus and the Internet of Things, Part 2

Walk through a proof-of-concept solution to see how a Service Bus queue provides an elegant way to incorporate resiliency and occasional connectivity for IoT applications.
VB version