November 2014

Volume 29 Number 11

November 2014 Code Downloads

Async Programming - Unit Testing Asynchronous Code

Stephen Cleary considers the current state of async support in unit test and mocking frameworks, focusing on MSTest, NUnit, and xUnit.
VB version

Async Programming - Unit Testing Asynchronous Code: Three Solutions for Better Tests

Sven Grand presents ways to design and refactor code for better testability, including their advantages and limitations.
VB version

MVVM - WPF Commanding with the State Machine Pattern

You can use the state machine pattern to simplify commanding in Windows Presentation Foundation apps. This can help you encapsulate the complex logic that determines whether a command can execute within the state machine pattern.
VB version

Test Run - Consensus Classification Using C#

James McCaffrey presents a custom machine learning technique that uses a rule set to create a prediction model.
VB version

Windows Phone 8.1 - Mapping in Windows Phone 8.1

Keith Pijanowski explores the new Map control for Windows Phone 8.1, including basic map display and adding images and controls, as well as the underlying Mapping Services API, which enables geocoding, reverse geocoding, and route calculations.
VB version