September 2014

Volume 29 Number 9

September 2014 Code Downloads

Cutting Edge - A Look at ClearScript

Add ClearScript into any .NET application to add scripting capabilities, publish objects and enable users to create and run their own scripts within the application.
VB version

Data Points - Git: It’s Just Data!

Julie Lerman had struggled with Git, until a colleague showed her that Git is really just a database. Follow along as Julie explores the lower level plumbing commands of the Git source control system.

DirectX Factor - Vertex Shaders and Transforms

Charles Petzold presents the ThreeRotatingTriangles program, which does some 3D graphics processing without Direct3D, using the powerful feature of Direct2D effects.

Microsoft Azure - Introduction to Machine Learning Studio

Machine learning systems use data to make predictions. The Azure Machine Learning Studio gives you a much easier way to create a machine learning model than writing code from scratch.

Test Run - Winnow Classification Using C#

James McCaffrey explores the Winnow algorithm, a relatively simple technique for predicting the results of binary classification problems.
VB version

Unity - Developing Your First Game with Unity and C#, Part 2

In the second article in this series on game development with the Unity framework, Adam Tuliper explores the features used in C# and JavaScript to add common functionality to a game.

Windows Store - Creating a Location-Aware App with Geofencing

Tony Champion explores the concept of geofencing and shows how to develop a location-aware Windows Store app that uses this feature.
VB version