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March 2015 Code Downloads

.NET Micro Framework - Create an IoT Device Using the Gadgeteer with Azure Blob Storage

Benjamin Perkins shows how to create an IoT device using the Gadgeteer to capture data and store it on the Microsoft Azure platform, and explains how you can use some of the Azure Big Data services to unlock the hidden secrets in that data.

.NET Micro Framework - The Microsoft .NET Framework in Embedded Applications

The Microsoft .NET Framework and Visual Studio greatly increase the efficiency of programmers. Now these tools extend to embedded devices, enabling the same programming skills to be used on both the desktop and small devices
VB version

Game Development - A Web Game in an Hour

Hadi Brais introduces the sophisticated optimization capabilities of the Visual C++ compiler, which enable programmers to write understandable, maintainable code without compromising performance.

Microsoft Azure - Enhance Data Exploration with Azure Search

The need for effective search is growing as rapidly as massive data stores. Azure Search is a fully managed, cloud-based service that includes type-ahead suggestions, full-text search with weighting, ranking, and your own search behaviors based on a schema defined by field-attribute combinations.

Test Run - Gradient Descent Training Using C#

James McCaffrey explains gradient descent and demonstrates how to use it to train a logistic regression classification system.
VB version