January 2016

Volume 31 Number 1

January 2016 Code Downloads

Big Data - Real-Time Data Analytics for .NET Developers Using HDInsight

Omid Afnan explores the question of how to collect, analyze and act on continuous streams of data in real time, and walks through a simple but powerful scenario that deals with a stream of tweets, using Apache Storm as the key tool to enable real time, continuous analytics.

Game Development - Babylon.js: Advanced Features for Enhancing Your First Web Game

Raanan Weber continues his tutorial on game development with Babylon.js by enhancing his simple bowling game with advanced features like collision detection, physics integration, audio effects, and more.

Windows 10 - Using the OneDrive REST API in a Windows 10 App

In part one of a two-part series, Laurent Bugnion looks at OneDrive and the low-level REST APIs that enable developers to work with the HttpClient, async/await keywords and the JSON.net package.