July 2016

Volume 31 Number 7

July 2016 Code Downloads

C# - Applying AI to a Multi-Agent 'Mini-Basketball' Game

In this article you'll learn the basics of AI in a mini-basketball game. Explore intelligent agents and their various architectures (reactive, pro reactive) as you learn the basics of multi-agents systems and the traditional approach for game AI behavior modeling through finite state machines.

Data Binding - A Better Way to Implement Data Binding in .NET

Data binding can be a powerful approach for developing UIs in the Microsoft .NET Framework: It makes it easier to separate view logic from business logic, and easier to test the resulting code. However, despite the various toolkits that aim to help, implementing data binding is typically painful and tedious. Mark Sowul shows you a better way.
VB version

Data Points - The New Azure DocumentDB Node.js SDK

Over the past year, Julie Lerman has been developing a sample app that uses Aurelia on the front end, a server-side API written in Node.js, and Azure DocumentDB for its data store. But all these parts have changed, so it’s time for an update.

Essential .NET - Visual Studio 2015 with .NET Core Tooling

Mark Michaelis discusses the various .NET Core project types, explains the details of the new files types and their function, and delves into how the new project structure supports side-by-side debugging of open source NuGet packages.

Modern Apps - Build a Wi-Fi Scanner in the UWP

In this month’s Modern Apps column, Frank La Vigne explores the basics of scanning Wi-Fi networks using the APIs built into the Universal Windows Platform.

Test Run - Matrix Inversion Using C#

Matrix inversion is a fundamental technique in machine learning, but the .NET Framework doesn't seem to have a matrix inversion method. James McCaffrey remedies this with a method that uses an algorithm called Crout's LU decomposition.
VB version

Xamarin - Working with Local Databases in Xamarin.Forms Using SQLite

Learn how to store and query local data in your Android, iOS, and Universal Windows apps with SQLite databases using Xamarin Forms and Visual Studio 2015.