June 2016

Volume 31 Number 6

June 2016 Code Downloads

.NET Compiler Platform - Language-Agnostic Code Generation with Roslyn

Learn how to perform language-agnostic code generation using the Roslyn SyntaxGenerator class and its methods, which provide a unified programming model to generate syntax nodes that can target both C# and VB simultaneously.
VB version

ASP.NET - Use Custom Middleware to Detect and Fix 404s in ASP.NET Core Apps

Steve Smith shows how you can use a bit of middleware to add a “lost and found” to your ASP.NET Core app that will keep your users from encountering 404 errors.

Azure App Services - Using Azure App Services to Convert a Web Page to PDF

A common, yet somewhat complicated procedure of converting a webpage into a PDF document can now be implemented using Azure App Service features. Simply create an Azure App Service Web App to call a WebJob API, as discussed here, that executes code to convert a webpage to a PDF document. The same WebJob can also place the PDF into an Azure Storage container and return the internet location of the PDF using SignalR, in real-time. When a more sophisticated API consumer is implemented around the output of the SignalR request, the result would be a monetizable SaaS product.
VB version

Essential .NET - Dependency Injection with .NET Core

Mark Michaelis explores the dependency injection (DI) capabilities of .NET Core, and shows why the simple and lightweight implemenatation provides a great way to for developers new to the technology to get started.

Modern Apps - Playing with Audio in the UWP

The UWP has several effects that can be applied to audio. Among these are echo, reverb, equalizer and limiter. Frank La Vigne explores some of the basics of audio recording and applying special effects, by creating a UWP app that can record audio, save it, and apply various filters and special effects.

Test Run - Introduction to Prediction Markets

James McCaffrey describes the math behind prediction markets and shows you how to implement the key functions in code. Though you’ll probably never have to create a prediction market, the ideas and techniques are quite interesting.
VB version