December 2017

Volume 32 Number 12

December 2017 Code Downloads

Containers - Modernize a .NET App with Docker and Windows Server Containers

Sean Iannuzzi describes how he was able to easily migrate his .NET applications into a Docker image, then run those applications in a Windows Server Container, preserving their core functionality with no reengineering.

Data Points - Building UWP Apps for Local and Cloud Data Storage

Julie Lerman begins a two-part series in which she updates her CookieBinge app in order to demonstrate that EF Core can now work directly on a device because it now relies on .NET Standard, not the full .NET Framework, and the Universal Windows Platform (UWP) supports .NET Standard. Now you can store your UWP app data on a device or in the cloud.
VB version

Mixed Reality - Using Cognitive Services in Mixed Reality

Mixed Reality (MR) can transform the way users interact with their environment, whether you build immersive worlds for them to explore or extend the real world with digital objects. Learn how to use Microsoft Cognitive Services to add a conversational interface to your virtual world.

Test Run - Understanding k-NN Classification Using C#

If you have a classification problem with strictly numeric predictor values and a non-huge set of training data, k-NN is often a good approach. Learn how k-NN classification works and check out the C# sample code.
VB version

Universal Windows Platform - A Developer’s Guide to the New Hamburger Menu in Windows 10

The Universal Windows Platform features a rich toolbox of beautiful controls that enable the rapid development of apps. Notable among these is the new NavigationView control, which provides a simple and effective way for developers to tailor the app UX to their unique design requirements.