June 2017

Volume 32 Number 6

June 2017 Code Downloads

C# - Make C# More Dynamic with Hyperlambda

Thomas Hansen explains Hyperlambda, his “non-programming language” that makes C# dynamic, and provides all the benefits of interpreted languages within the context of the static typing of C#.

Essential .NET - Custom Iterators with Yield

Mark Michaelis continues his exploration into the internals of the C# foreach statement, with a focus on the new contextual keyword—yield—that C# uses to generate the underlying CIL code that implements the iterator pattern used by the foreach loop. 

Internet of Things - Use Azure IoT Suite to Boost IoT Development

The Azure IoT Suite preconfigured solutions can help mitigate the complexity of building comprehensive IoT solutions. Dawid Borycki shows how to set up the preconfigured remote monitoring, which collects and displays information about images acquired with the webcam attached to the remote device, and also lets you remotely control the IoT device.
VB version

Test Run - Restricted Boltzmann Machines Using C#

Restricted Boltzmann Machines are fascinating software components somewhat similar to basic neural networks. James McCaffrey describes how they work, shows a demo program, and gives an example of how RBMs can be used.
VB version

Xamarin - Authentication and Data Access with Visual Studio Mobile Center

Learn how the Visual Studio Mobile Center eases implementation of authentication and tables for mobile apps with a cross-platform example based on Xamarin.Forms.
VB version