May 2017

Volume 32 Number 5

May 2017 Code Downloads

.NET Core - Cross-Platform Code Generation with Roslyn and .NET Core

Alessandro Del Sole shows you how set up a C# project on .NET Core to use the Roslyn APIs. Now you can write C# code to build cross-platform Console and Web applications that run on Windows, Linux and macOS.

C++ - Use Modern C++ to Access the Windows Registry

Access the Windows registry using modern C++. Learn how the complex RegGetValue C-interface API is wrapped in higher-level convenient C++ code to easily read values of different types from the registry. Several C++ techniques discussed in this article for the Registry API can be applied to other Win32 C APIs, as well.

Internet of Things - Working with Raspberry Pi and Windows 10

Although small, the Raspberry Pi is a powerful computer. Now you can run Windows 10 applications on the popular IoT client platform the same way you could on a desktop machine. This article shows how to use Raspberry Pi to develop projects using C#.

Modern Apps - Deep Dive into Map Control

The Map control for the Universal Windows Platform (UWP) does much more than simply render maps or show traffic. The control has access to all of the rich features of Bing Maps, including 3D Cities and StreetSide view. It’s also possible to create rich, interactive mapping solutions