July 2019

Volume 35 Number 7

.NET Reunified: Microsoft’s Plans for .NET 5


.NET Reunified: Microsoft’s Plans for .NET 5

Mark Michaelis

Mark Michaelis this month delves into .NET 5, the promised universal framework that unites the parallel threads of .NET Framework, Xamarin/Mono, and .NET Core into a single, universal target for desktop, Web, cloud, and device developers.

Coding Naked: Naked NetworkingColumn

[The Working Programmer]

Coding Naked: Naked Networking

Ted Neward

Ted Neward closes out his series on the Naked Objects Framework with a look at NOF Restful API networking, and how the entire state of the network interaction is stored in a hypermedia document shared between the client and the server.

Understanding Azure AI Services

[Azure ML]

Understanding Azure AI Services

Ashish Sahu

Artificial intelligence and machine learning services are more accessible than ever, yet developers and data scientists face the growing challenge of choosing among them. In this hands-on exploration, Ashish Sahu walks through an end-to-end AI scenario and explores how the various Microsoft Azure AI services can be applied at each stage.

ASP.NET Core gRPC ServicesColumn

[Cutting Edge]

ASP.NET Core gRPC Services

Dino Esposito

gRPC is a remote procedure call framework that uses a binary protocol over HTTP/2 to connect clients and remote services. Dino Esposito shows how to use gRPC with ASP.NET Core and .NET Core 3.0.

Restrict Site Access with AI-Driven Authorization Policies in ASP.NET Core

[ASP.NET Core 3.0]

Restrict Site Access with AI-Driven Authorization Policies in ASP.NET Core

Stefano Tempesta

Stefano Tempesta continues his exploration of a biometric security system, as he walks through collecting facial information from cameras registered as IoT devices and streaming data to an IoT Hub in Azure. The solution leverages a machine learning service that analyzes each access request against a historical dataset to thwart unauthorized intrusions.

Where Are They Now?Column

[Don't Get Me Started]

Where Are They Now?

David S. Platt

Nearly a decade into his run as back page columnist at MSDN Magazine, David Platt takes a moment to look back and catch up on some of the subjects of his past columns.

Create a Machine Learning Prediction System Using AutoML

[Machine Learning]

Create a Machine Learning Prediction System Using AutoML

James McCaffrey

Microsoft ML.NET is a large, open source library of machine learning functions that lets you create a prediction model using a C# language program. Writing such a program isn’t simple, but as James McCaffrey explains, the AutoML system uses the ML.NET command-line interface (CLI) tool to create a prediction model for you. It also generates customizable sample code that uses the model.

Unification TheoryColumn

[Editor's Note]

Unification Theory

Michael Desmond

.NET 5 unifies .NET Framework, .NET Core, and Xamarin and Mono into a single framework. What does .NET 5 mean for your development efforts going forward?