October 2019

Volume 34 Number 10

October 2019 Code Downloads

C# - Accessing XML Documentation via Reflection

XML documentation on C#/F#/VB code isn’t included in the compiled code. It is placed in a separate XML file. Because of this, you can’t access the documentation via reflection normally. However, with one loading function and a handful of extension methods on the reflection types, you can easily access the XML through the reflection types.

Data Points - Hybrid Database Migrations with EF Core and Flyway

During development, it’s common to use EF Core migration commands to not only create migration files but to also execute migrations directly on your development database. When it’s time to move to production, however, letting EF Core update the database for you is generally not the best approach. Learn how you can combine EF Core migrations and Flyway to create an explicit mechanism to perform migrations on a production database.

F# - SAFE Stack: Functional Web Programming for .NET Core

Learn how you can use F# to write full stack web applications on .NET. Isaac Abraham shows how to take the best bits of ASP .NET and JavaScript and push them to the max with F#.

Test Run - Neural Binary Classification Using PyTorch

The goal of a binary classification problem is to make a prediction where the result can be one of just two possible categorical values, such as predicting the sex of a person based on their age, annual income, and so on. In this article you’ll learn how to perform binary classification using a deep neural network with the PyTorch code library.