TechNet Flash - Volume 13, Issue 19 - August 24, 2011

Top Stories

Get the SQL Server "Denali" CTP3 Product Guide

Download the datasheets, white papers, videos and technical demos to help you evaluate SQL Server code-name "Denali" CTP3.

IE9 Blocks 7 Times More Malware than Other Browsers

NSS Labs Q3 report shows that IE9 caught 96% of live threats with SmartScreen and an additional 3.2% with Application Reputation.

Cloud Considerations Before You Jump

It's time to consider the right services and applications to migrate, and how to staff, manage, and control new cloud operations. TechNet's new Cloud Feature offers helpful advice for your planning.

Microsoft Virtual Academy: Virtualization for VMware Professionals - Management
Complete this track on the System Center management suite, including advanced VM deployments with Virtual Machine Manager 2012. It's a critical step in maintaining a virtualized datacenter or private cloud.

System Center Monitoring Pack for Windows Azure
The final release of the System Center Monitoring Pack for Windows Azure is now available. This pack enables you to monitor the availability and performance of applications that are running on Windows Azure.

Download the Operations Manager 2007 R2 Cross-Platform Monitoring Management Packs
The System Center Operations Manager 2007 R2 Cross-Platform Monitoring Management Packs enable discovering, monitoring, and managing UNIX-based and Linux-based computers by using the same interface and tools that you use to manage your Windows-based computers.

Automate Facebook with a Free PowerShell Module
The Scripting Guys showcase a cool PowerShell module (still in alpha) to automate routine management of an organization's Facebook presence.

Linux Integration Services Version 3.1 for Hyper-V
Download this set of drivers that enable synthetic device support in supported Linux virtual machines under Hyper-V.

August 2011 Security Bulletin Release Webcast
View the on-demand video of the August 2011 Security Bulletin Release Webcast.

How to Avoid Tech Support Scams
Cybercriminals often use publicly available phone directories, so they might know your name and other personal information when they call. They might also claim to be from Microsoft.

Windows Intune Adds Hardware Reporting
Previously, Windows Intune displayed hardware information on a PC-by-PC basis. With the addition of the hardware reporting area, you can produce a variety of hardware reports, save your reports parameters, and, of course, export the results for further analysis and review.

Download Update 1 for Office Compatibility Tools
The Office Compatibility Tools Update 1 delivers important fixes that improve reliability and performance of the tools.

Video: How to Build a Private Cloud (Part1)
In this session, we compare and contrast hosted versus on-premises private cloud options, and discuss the advantages and drawbacks of each. We also discuss the tools and techniques that you need to build your own private cloud.

Frequent Questions About the Transition to Office 365
Find answers to the most frequently asked questions about the upcoming transition from Business Productivity Online Suite to Microsoft Office 365.

From End to Edge and Beyond - Episode 5
Tom Shinder and Yuri Diogenes discuss the role of Direct Access when migrating resources to the cloud and the advantages of using Direct Access to access on-premises resources.