TechNet Flash - Volume 13, Issue 20 - September 7, 2011

Top Stories

Download the Free Microsoft Office 365 eBook

We are excited to offer the free Microsoft Office 365 eBook by Katherine Murray, which shows you can use cloud computing to get more done and collaborate more easily.

Would You Buy a Private Cloud Solution from This Guy?

Watch what happens when you try to buy a private cloud solution from the wrong company. Then check out the new Microsoft Private Cloud page.

New TechNet Feature Package: Using SharePoint Online for Enterprises

In this TechNet feature package, we offer up the resources to help you start envisioning the services you can make available with Office 365 and SharePoint Online and how to plan for and manage those services.

TechNet Wiki: New Spatial Features in SQL Server Code-Named "Denali"
This document covers the new additions in spatial data support, such as support for new subtypes of circular arcs, new and updated methods and aggregates for all subtypes, improved precision, and updates to the geography type.

CTP of Hadoop Connectors for SQL Server and PDW
The community technology preview (CTP) of two connectors for Hadoop is now available. The first is a Hadoop connector for SQL Server Parallel Data Warehouse (PDW) that enables customers to move large volumes of data between Hadoop and SQL Server PDW. The second connector empowers customers to move data between Hadoop and SQL Server 2008 R2.

Bytes by TechNet: Managing Private Cloud Solutions
Hear from Harold Wong, Senior IT Evangelist at Microsoft, and Greg Shields, Senior Partner and Principal Technologist at Concentrated Technology, as they discuss and break down private cloud solutions and how to really manage these from an IT perspective.

Video: Hyper-V, Backbone of a Private Cloud
In this session, we demonstrate some of the key functionalities of Hyper-V that make it ideally suited to perform IT as a service and private cloud functions. We walk through a demonstration of installing and configuring Hyper-V for a private cloud and discuss some of the important considerations of running Hyper-V in this environment.

Download PerformancePoint Services SuperFlows
A SuperFlow is a self-contained guide that resembles an interactive help file. Two SuperFlows for PerformancePoint Services in Microsoft SharePoint Server 2010 are available for download.

Demo: Optimize SQL Server for the Private Cloud
Optimizing SQL Server for private cloud solutions will help ensure that your computer, network and storage resources are used efficiently, reducing physical footprint, as well as capital and operational expenses.

New BI Scenario: Apply Custom Scorecard Transforms
By using custom extensions, you can extend the capabilities of PerformancePoint Services in SharePoint Server 2010.

TechNet Wiki: Private Cloud Principles, Patterns, and Concepts
Leverage the principles and concepts described in this article to offer infrastructure as a service (IaaS), allowing any workload hosted on this infrastructure to automatically inherit a set of cloud-like attributes.

Video: The Cloud for IT Pros
This 35-minute video covers what the cloud is and what an IT professional needs to know and think about to embrace the cloud rather than fear it.

New "Cloud CRM for Less" Offer
Microsoft is extending US$150 cash per user seat (minimum of 50 seats per organization) to up to 500 user seats for each eligible customer who moves to Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online. This offer helps customers of Oracle, Inc., and SAP switch to the familiar, intelligent, and connected experiences.

Bytes by TechNet: New in Data Protection Manager 2012
Matt Hester, Senior IT Evangelist at Microsoft, and Jason Buffington, Senior Technical Product Manager for System Center at Microsoft, discuss the latest Microsoft System Center Data Protection Manager (DPM 2012). They touch on the new additions to version 4 of DPM that IT pros will like. They also discuss Jason's new book, Data Protection for Virtual Data Centers, that covers best practices on backing up.