TechNet Flash - Volume 15, Issue 7: March 20, 2013

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Virtual roundtable: What IT pros should know about Windows 8


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Mitch Irsfeld

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Mitch Irsfeld

TechNet Flash Editor

New IT resources for Windows 8

Since our last TechNet feature package on Windows 8, we have added several new resources to help you explore, plan for, deploy, manage, and support Windows 8 as part of your IT infrastructure. First up, the Springboard team hosted a virtual roundtable of deployment experts from the IT community, IT pros who have been through the Windows 8 deployment process, and members of the Windows product team. They came up with some valuable tips for deploying Windows 8 in the enterprise, and take a walk through the latest Windows 8 devices....

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Windows 8 hands-on virtual lab for AppLocker policy creation

This new virtual lab shows you how to create and test a local and domain Windows 8 AppLocker policy for a preinstalled app. No complex setup or new hardware necessary - get hands-on today.

Windows 8 deployment options - part 1

Kevin Remde welcomes Senior Product Manager Michael Niehaus to the show as they discuss the tools, technologies, tips, and tricks that are available to enable efficient deployment of Windows 8 onto new or existing hardware. Tune in for part 1 of their discussion as they give us an overview of the Microsoft Deployment Toolkit, ADK, WDS, and System Center 2012 SP1 Configuration Manager.

New virtual lab for Windows Server 2012 domain controller deployment

How do you deploy a read-only domain controller using PowerShell in Windows Server 2012? Learn how, hands-on and free in our new virtual lab.

InfoWorld: Windows Server 2012 makes storage cool again

J. Peter Bruzzese investigates the storage improvements in Windows Server 2012. The outcome: "Windows Server 2012 makes a major push to improve its storage management and virtualization technologies." Evaluate these improvements yourself and download the Windows Server 2012 Evaluation.

Edge Show: Windows Azure VMs - behind the scenes and tips

Join David Tesar and Drew McDaniel from the Azure products team for this demo-heavy video interview filled with tips and insight about Windows Azure VMs. The session covers the scenarios in which we see customers using Windows Azure IaaS. It will also provide demos of Windows Azure VMs, including creating gallery images with Windows Server and Linux.

Cloud innovators: Monitor your applications with Foglight for Windows Azure applications

Kevin Remde welcomes Douglas Chrystall, Chief Architect at Dell Software, to discuss Foglight for Windows Azure applications - a new product offering from Dell that helps monitor applications built on the Azure platform. Tune in as they chat about this solution, which can provide diagnostics and improve your application's performance. Sign in with your Windows Account to try Windows Azure free for 90 days.

Hortonworks highlights native Windows support for Apache Hadoop

HortonWorks announced another interoperability achievement for the Apache Hadoop project by highlighting how Hadoop now runs natively on Microsoft Windows platforms.

Windows 8 Resource Guide

Download a printable, one-page guide to the top resources that will help you explore, plan for, deploy, manage, and support Windows 8 as part of your IT infrastructure. Download the free Windows 8 Enterprise Evaluation to get started.

Sideloading Windows 8 Store apps

A great thing about Windows Store apps is they are super simple to install (and uninstall). But what about line of business (LOB) apps? You can sideload LOB apps, which simply means installing a Windows Store app without publishing it to and downloading it from the store. You install it directly.

Office Garage Series: Client Configuration Management 101

This week on the Garage Series, hosts Jeremy Chapman and Yoni Kirsh tackle the frequently asked question, "Do I get more control if I use the traditional Office installation?" They look at automation support and install-time controls, configuration management via Group Policy and new Office Telemetry tools with a special visit from the lead Office Telemetry engineer, Chris Yu.

Customers bet their business on Windows Server Hyper-V

Learn about three customers who selected Windows Server Hyper-V over other providers, including VMware, to achieve impressive enterprise innovation and trim IT costs. ING Commercial Banking, American University of Beirut, and Florida Atlantic University deployed Hyper-V and are thrilled with the results. Learn how these customers use Microsoft's virtualized private cloud environments to gain benefits such as solved business problems, satisfied stakeholders, and savings up to US$600,000. Download the free Windows Server 2012 Evaluation now and test it yourself.

TechNet Radio: Windows Server 2012 file server tips and tricks

Bob Hunt and Jose Barreto continue their TechNet Radio Windows Server 2012 File Server and SMB 3.0 series. In this episode they lay out their top tips and tricks. Tune in as they disclose a number of useful bits of information such as how to use multiple subnets when deploying SMB multichannel in a cluster, and how to avoid loopback configurations for Hyper-V over SMB. Check out the full series here.Sign in with your Windows Account to evaluate Windows Server 2012 or download Hyper-V 2012.

TechNet Radio: Exchange ideas - Exchange 2013 architecture planning

Ann Vu, Ross Smith, Jeff Mealiffe, and Todd Luttinen are back, and in today's Exchange Ideas episode, they discuss Exchange Server 2013 architecture planning. Tune in as they chat about things you may want to plan for in your environment, such as multiple and single namespaces, high availability and site resilience, unified messaging, and virtualization considerations.

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