Memory available on Azure Sphere

The following table lists the memory available to Azure Sphere applications that are running on an MT3620 chip.

Memory type Amount Availability
Flash 1 MiB Shared
RAM 256 KiB High-level applications
SYSRAM 64 KB per real-time core Real-time core
Tightly-coupled memory (TCM) 192 KB per real-time core Real-time core

Azure Sphere provides 1 MiB of flash memory that is shared between high-level and real-time capable applications (RTApps). The Azure Sphere OS uses this space for application image packages and to map RTApps, either for execute-in-place (XIP) or for loading into TCM.

In addition, 256 KiB of RAM is available for the high-level core. Up to 1 KiB of this space may be allocated for each shared buffer channel through which high-level applications and RTApps communicate.

Each real-time core also has 64 KB of SYSRAM and 192 KB of TCM. Typically, the TCM is used for fast code execution and the SYSRAM is used for data.

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