Overview of diagnostic data types

Diagnostic data is collected to help understand the health of Azure Sphere devices, troubleshoot problems, and keep devices secure and operating normally. The data collected from devices is classified as Required or Optional.

Required diagnostic data is the minimum set of diagnostic data necessary to ensure that Azure Sphere devices are operating normally. It contains only system metadata, such as information about the version of Azure Sphere OS installed on the device or basic error telemetry, and no personal information.


Required diagnostic data is collected and sent to the Azure Sphere Security Service, regardless of any other policy settings that you have configured.

Optional diagnostic data is additional data that helps keep Azure Sphere devices reliable and secure. Specifically, crash dumps can include the memory state of your device when a system service or application crash occurs, which may unintentionally include data your application had stored in memory at the time of the crash. Optional diagnostic data is disabled by default.

The following is a summary of the data types:

Data Type Description Classification
Device telemetry metadata Minimal system metadata to understand whether a device is functioning properly. Required
Crash dumps Full Linux core dump collected when an application or system service crashes. Crash dumps can also include additional system information, such as network configuration information to assist with diagnosis. Optional