Recover the system software

Recovery is the process of replacing the system software on the device using a special recovery bootloader instead of cloud update. The recovery process erases the contents of flash, replaces the system software, and reboots the device. As a result, application software and configuration data, including Wi-Fi credentials, are erased from the device. After you recover, you must reinstate the credentials (if any) and reconnect the device to the internet.


Perform the recovery procedure only if instructed to do so by Microsoft. Recovery is required only when cloud updates are not available.

To recover the system software:

  1. Ensure that your device is connected by USB to your computer.

  2. Run the azsphere device recover command:

    azsphere device recover

    You should see output similar to the following, although the number of images may differ.

    azsphere device recover
    Starting device recovery. Please note that this may take up to 10 minutes.
    Board found. Sending recovery bootloader.
    Erasing flash.
    Sending images.
    Sending image 1 of 16.
    Sending image 2 of 16.
    Sending image 3 of 16.
    Sending image 16 of 16.
    Finished writing images; rebooting board.
    Device ID: 6a06x8x8cxdxa8ed4223a267656cxd59x99a0ced693a2446884a236d925aaaex9axdd0550438595658addc66723x32decx5494x7a20d067c6c8x77a6020c9a46
       Device recovered successfully.
    Command completed successfully in 00:02:39.9343076.
  3. To continue using your device for development, run azsphere device enable-development to re-enable application sideload and debugging.

  4. To reconnect your device to Wi-Fi, replace the Wi-Fi credentials on the device.