Applibs applications.h

Header: #include <applibs/applications.h>

The Applibs applications header contains the functions and types needed to acquire information about all applications.


These functions return the memory usage as seen by the OS. Currently, the freeing of memory by an application for allocations on the user heap is not reported by these functions. The memory will be returned to the malloc library for future use but the statistics reported by the OS remain unchanged unless the memory was allocated and freed by the OS itself. An example would be allocating memory for a socket. Therefore, these functions are useful for understanding worst-case scenarios to help your application operate conservatively for maximum reliability. Values are approximate and may vary across OS versions.

Concepts and samples


Function Description
Applications_GetTotalMemoryUsageInKB Gets the total memory usage in kibibytes. This is the total physical memory usage of your app on the system, including kernel allocations (such as buffers for sockets) on behalf of your app or the debugging server.
Applications_GetUserModeMemoryUsageInKB Gets the user-mode memory usage in kibibytes. This is the amount of physical memory used directly by your app, the memory used by any libraries on its behalf (also referred to as anon allocations), and memory used by the debugging server.
Applications_GetPeakUserModeMemoryUsageInKB Gets the peak user-mode memory usage in kibibytes. This is the maximum amount of user memory used in the current session.
Applications_GetOsVersion Gets the human-readable string of the currently running OS version.