Applibs eventloop.h

Header: #include <applibs/eventloop.h>

The Applibs eventloop header contains functions and types used to monitor and dispatch events.

Concepts and samples


Function Description
EventLoop_Close Closes an EventLoop object and releases its memory.
EventLoop_Create Creates an EventLoop object.
EventLoop_GetWaitDescriptor Gets a file descriptor for an EventLoop.
EventLoop_RegisterIo Registers an I/O event with an EventLoop.
EventLoop_Run Runs an EventLoop and dispatches pending events in the caller's thread of execution.
EventLoop_Stop Stops the EventLoop from running and causes EventLoop_Run to return control to its caller.
EventLoop_UnregisterIo Unregisters an I/O event from an EventLoop object.
EventLoopIoCallback The callback invoked by an EventLoop object when a registered I/O event occurs.


Struct Description
EventLoop An object that monitors event sources and dispatches their events to handlers.
EventRegistration A handle returned when a callback is registered with an event source.


Enum Description
EventLoop_IoEvents A bitmask of the I/O events that can be captured by the EventLoop object.
EventLoop_Run_Result The possible return values for the EventLoop_Run function.