Applibs pwm.h

Header: #include <applibs/pwm.h>

The Applibs pwm header contains functions that interact with pulse-width modulators (PWM). PWM functions are thread-safe.

Application manifest requirements

PWM functions are only permitted if the application has the Pwm capability in the application manifest.

Hardware dependent IDs

PWM functions reference some identifiers that are hardware dependent. Hardware dependent IDs are constants that are defined in the hardware definition files for a device. For more information, see Manage target hardware dependencies.

Concepts and samples


Function Description
PWM_Apply Sets the state of a PWM channel for a PWM controller.
PWM_Open Opens a PWM controller, and returns a file descriptor to use for subsequent calls.


Struct Description
PwmState The state of a PWM channel.


Enum Description
PWM_Polarity The polarity of a PWM channel.


Typedef Description
PWM_ControllerId The ID of a PWM controller.
PWM_ChannelId The ID of a PWM channel.