Applibs sysevent.h

Header: #include <applibs/sysevent.h>

The Applibs sysevent header contains functions and types for system event notifications. Applications can register for and unregister from update notifications. Apps can use these notifications to put themselves in a safe state before application shutdown, or can attempt to defer these events.

Application manifest requirements

You can only call these functions if your application has the SystemEventNotifications capability configured in the application manifest.

To call the SysEvent_DeferEvent or SysEvent_ResumeEvent functions, you must also configure the SoftwareUpdateDeferral capability in the application manifest.

Concepts and samples


Function Description
SysEvent_DeferEvent Attempts to defer an event for the specified duration.
SysEvent_EventsCallback This callback function is called when the status of a registered system event changes.
SysEvent_Info_GetUpdateData Retrieves application or OS update information.
SysEvent_RegisterForEventNotifications Registers the application with a set of events.
SysEvent_ResumeEvent Attempts to resume an event if it is deferred.
SysEvent_UnregisterForEventNotifications Unregisters from the system notifications that were registered by SysEvent_RegisterForEventNotifications.


Struct Description
SysEvent_Info An opaque struct that contains information about a system event.
SysEvent_Info_UpdateData A struct that contains information about update events.


Enum Description
SysEvent_Events Flags for system event types.
SysEvent_Status The status of a system event.
SysEvent_UpdateType The type of update to apply.