Azure Sphere classic CLI (Retiring)


The Azure Sphere Classic CLI was marked as retiring in February 2021, and will be removed from the SDK at future date (not before the end of 2022). If you still have a dependency on the Classic CLI, you must migrate your processes and scripts before the end of 2022 to avoid disruption.

Run Azure Sphere classic CLI

The to-be retired Azure Sphere classic CLI is installed alongside the Azure Sphere CLI on both Windows and Linux; until it is removed from the SDK you will have access to either interface.

  • On Windows, the retiring custom Azure Sphere Classic Developer Command Prompt (available as a shortcut in the Start menu under Azure Sphere) can be used only with Azure Sphere classic CLI.
  • On Linux, use any command shell. The Azure Sphere classic CLI is available using azsphere_v1. See Install the Azure Sphere SDK for more information.


The Azure Sphere classic CLI now uses the Microsoft Authentication Library (MSAL) rather than the Active Directory Authentication Library (ADAL), which is being retired. There is no change in the usage of the Azure Sphere classic CLI as a result of the migration to MSAL.

First time only: After installation of the Azure Sphere classic CLI, you will need to sign in to Azure Sphere, using a Microsoft account.

Global parameters

The following global parameters are available for the Azure Sphere classic CLI:

Parameter Description
-v, --verbose Provides verbose output in Azure Sphere classic CLI
-?, --help Displays help on the command in Azure Sphere classic CLI

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