Release Notes 19.11

The Azure Sphere 19.11 preview release includes an updated Azure Sphere SDK that supports new features for application developers:

  • Application development using Visual Studio Code on Windows or Linux
  • An Azure Sphere SDK Preview for Linux, which enables development of Azure Sphere apps on Linux machines

To update to the latest OS

Concurrent with the 19.11 SDK release, we are also releasing a quality update of the Azure Sphere OS. If your devices are currently running the 19.10 OS release or an earlier release and are connected to the internet, they should receive the OS update from the cloud. However, if you have an older Seeed MT3620 Development Kit, you might need to update manually, as described in Update the OS on an early dev kit.

If you have not already migrated your tenant to the new device model, which was introduced in the 19.10 release, see the 19.10 release notes.

To update to the latest SDK

To update to the latest SDK, download the new version from

Install the Azure Sphere SDK on Linux

How to verify installation

You can verify the installed OS version by issuing the following command:

azsphere device show-os-version

To check which version of the SDK is installed, use the following command:

azsphere show-version

New features and changes in the 19.11 release

The 19.11 SDK release adds support for additional application development scenarios. The following sections describe new and changed features.

Azure Sphere SDK Preview for Linux

This release includes the Azure Sphere SDK Preview for Linux in addition to the Azure Sphere SDK Preview for Windows and the Azure Sphere SDK Preview for Visual Studio. You can develop applications on a Linux machine using either VS Code or the shell. For more information, see Install the Azure Sphere SDK on Linux.

Visual Studio Code

The 19.11 preview release of the Azure Sphere SDK supports development using Visual Studio Code on either Linux or Windows.


The Azure Sphere samples can be built using Visual Studio, Visual Studio Code, or on the command line.

Fixed bugs and common vulnerabilities in the 19.11 OS quality release

The 19.11 OS quality release fixes the following two problems:

  • An error in I2C reads that was reported on MSDN

  • An error in which SPI reads or writes may cause the system to crash

In addition, this release includes changes to mitigate against CVE-2019-18840. Although Microsoft does not believe that Azure Sphere is exploitable as a result of these vulnerabilities, we have nevertheless prioritized mitigation.