Comprehensive support options are available to meet your needs, whether you are getting started or already deploying Azure Sphere.

  • Community support: Engage with Microsoft engineers and Azure Sphere community experts.
  • Feedback:
  • Azure Sphere assisted support: One-on-one technical support for Azure Sphere is available for customers who have an Azure subscription that is associated with an Azure support plan.
  • Service notifications: Service notifications and updates from the Azure Sphere Engineering team.
  • Download and share log files: Use the azsphere get-support-data command to download log files containing diagnostic and configuration information. The information in these files can help the technical support team to analyze and troubleshoot customer problems.

Azure Sphere supports coordinated vulnerability disclosure and encourages responsible reporting to Microsoft by security researchers and customers. If you believe you have potentially discovered or are affected by a security-related vulnerability with Azure Sphere, please contact Microsoft directly at Make sure to include clear, concise, and reproducible steps documented either in writing or video format to help our security response team quickly reproduce, understand, and address the problem.